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Why Run a Cookie Dough Fundraiser?


Cookie dough fundraisers are some of the most popular ways for schools to raise money. Not just because everyone loves eating the fresh baked cookies (or raw cookie dough, we aren’t judging), but because of how easy the fundraiser is to run!

With the family-favorite brand Otis Spunkmeyer on your side - not to mention the delicious, high-quality cookies that everyone knows and loves - the profits are sure to start rolling in, making it easy for your school to meet their goals.

Easy to Get Started

Why? Because our cookie dough fundraisers are completely FREE to start. There is no up front cost to run. Believe Kids also has a team of dedicated reps to help walk you through the process, from the first phone call to the helping you plan the product delivery. We know you are busy, and Believe Kids takes pride in making this process as smooth and seamless as possible!

Simple to Run

We send you all the materials you need to promote and run your fundraiser, you send us your orders and we deliver your cookie dough- simple!

We’ve even recently come out with a Text-to-Pay option which is a great way for your supporters to purchase cookie dough without having to use a check or cash.

Quality Ingredients

Otis Spunkmeyer has always taken pride in putting out the best product. That’s why there are 0 grams of trans-fat per serving, no partially hydrogenated oils, and no added preservatives.

Also, all of our catalogs always contain allergen/kosher indexes for added convenience, meaning there is bound to be something delicious for everyone!

Higher Profits

Cookie dough fundraisers are often the fundraisers with the highest profits. Everyone knows the name Otis Spunkmeyer and may have even sold it themselves when they were in school! Otis has been around for over 30 years, meaning this product is well known and in high demand. Translated, this means that people are more likely to buy a product they already know and love. More people buying, means more profit for your school!

No matter what, cookie dough fundraisers are guaranteed to be a big hit. Interested? Take a look at our catalog which features our best-selling cookie dough and request an info kit to get started!