Who carries cash these days? Text-to-Pay lets students take credit card payments on the spot to support their fundraiser.
Don’t worry – it is a completely secure process and SUPER EASY!


How it Works

Look for this call out on Believe Kids fundraising brochures.

  1. Supporters text PAY to 833-858-8585.
  2. A link is sent back to enter their items and quantities.
  3. Email confirmation is sent to supporter and student/parent.

Voila. It’s that easy.

What Does it look like?

  • Once supporter clicks the link, they’ll be taken to ShopFund.com
  • That’s right, no third-party websites or apps to be worried about!
  • Supporter specifies group + student & enters the items they want to purchase.
  • Credit/debit card information is filled out.
  • Order receipt is emailed to supporter & student/parent.

Text-to-Pay iPhone

Text-to-Pay Benefits

PREFERENCE: Supporters prefer paying with their phone/mobile devices.
INCREASED SALES: Who carries cash? When supporters can pay by credit card, profit increases!
SECURITY: ShopFund.com has 256-bit encryption with GoDaddy, Authorize.Net & Chase.
NO LIABILITY: Students handle less cash & don’t swipe/key-in/take pictures of customer’s cards.
EASY PEASY: If a student can ask someone to text PAY to 555888, they can accept payments.
NO ORGANIZATION/STUDENT CODE NECESSARY: No unique code to remember or lookup.