Our Mission

Bring the best personal fundraising experience to students, families, educators, groups & schools with passion, exceptional products, creative marketing, innovative technology and customer service awesomeness!

Our Company

From 1998 until now, we have continued our belief in helping children, education and their charities. The journey began by creating and selling CDs in order to help a Colorado charity, Small Champions, do big things for kids with disabilities.  Yes, we started as a record label called Believe Records.

It was the music and our belief in helping children that led us to work with school band and choir programs nationwide. With Sony Music and dozens of major recording artists, we created CDs that helped raise millions to fund and support these school programs that increasingly face budget cuts. Unfortunately, music is often one of the first subject areas to go.

During our journey of helping tens of thousands music programs, we realized that many other school programs also needed help. Natural progression took over and we found more ways to help.  Our inspiration expanded and the company grew.

Today, we provide numerous fundraising programs, spirit wear and are teamed up with many name-brand partners that share our vision. The company has grown leaps and bounds since 1998, but no matter how big we get, our core values will keep our feet planted.  We are one of the largest fundraising companies in the nation and run fundraisers in all 50 states, Guam and the Virgin Islands.

Our Core Values

1. Inspire smiles through Customer Service Awesomeness.
2. Do these to make every day better: Smile. Laugh. Have fun.
3. Seize opportunity with passion & determination.
4. Be known for honesty, integrity, caring & passion.
5. Be good to people.
6. No egos. Be humble.
7. Believe that attitude & heart can get you anywhere.
8. Be fanatical about quality.
9. Welcome feedback & use it to get better.
10. Help others reach their dreams. Yours will soon follow.