Why Believe Kids Fundraising?

Believe Kids Fundraising offers only high-profit school fundraisers that create success. Thousands of elementary schools, middle schools and entire school districts trust Believe with their main fundraisers every year! You will discover how to succeed at your school fundraising effort and raise more without additional work or volunteer hours.

Everything is included. In fact, every elementary school fundraiser, middle school fundraiser and PTA / PTO fundraisers include 33+ features that streamline the fundraising process and make schools look good!






Believe Kids | Student Prize Programs

Student Prize Program

Ever feel like those prizes are never attainable? Not here at Believe Kids! Our prize programs are set with realistic goals in mind. Our cumulative prize programs give a prize away every 12 items and the prizes get bigger and better at each level! We urge you to closely compare prize programs before making a decision.

Believe Kids | Kick-off Kit

Kick-off Kit

So you signed up to fundraise and it is about to start. What do you do? How do you announce it and get the best participation? With our Kick-off Kit you will have everything you will need to get your fundraiser off on the right foot. We include promotional banners and posters, a kick-off DVD, daily printed and DVD announcements, teacher incentive letters and email templates as well as special sponsor and principal instruction packets.

Believe Kids | Promos Galore

Promos Galore

Since visual promotions can increase your sale's profit by 43% we've put together a kick-butt list of promo ideas for your principal and administration. Just set a goal, pick a promo and watch the participation of your sellers skyrocket! Central Elementary in North Carolina increased their fundraiser sales from $11k in 2014 to $17k in 2015 just by implementing the Duct Tape Challenge!

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Believe Kids | Going Zany

Register. Share. Win.

It's all about teamwork! When students register, your school wins big! Get 50% of enrolled students registered online and you'll be entered to win our $2,500 Register Share Win contest.

Believe Kids | Daily Incentives

Daily Incentive

Participation will increase up to 25% by just adding the Squishy Sidekick Daily Incentives to your fundraiser. Students can win from 10 unique sidekicks when they sell through the catalog or online. All this adds up to more profit for your and your group!

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Believe Kids | Promotional Posters

Promotional Posters

It’s time to get the students excited to fundraise. We will provide you with up to 3 large, 3-foot, full-color posters for every 100 students of our prizes daily incentives programs and limo rides! The posters will help make sure your fundraiser is highly visual and successful!