Promos Galore

Visual promotions can go a long way in increasing student participation in your school fundraiser. We've pulled together a few of our favorite ideas for you below! Print them out and use as posters or simply as inspiration to help come up with your own promotion - the ideas are endless!

25 Principal Promo Ideas

It starts with the leaders. Set a fundraiser goal. Pick a promo. Visual promotions increase profit by 43% on average.

Principal Taxi

Host a contest like the Principal Taxi and promote visually on a daily basis and you'll get 43% more participation.

Belly Bump the Principal

Belly bumpers are so much fun. Your sellers qualify for the drawing and the winners gets to belly bump the principal!​

Costume Contest

This fundraising promo is a slam dunk! Get your sellers to sell just 1 item and let them vote for you they want to dress up!

Duct Tape Principal

Get your sellers to sell more items, turn in their coupons and attend this event just by promising to duct tape the principal to the wall!

Kiss a Pig

The kids will love this one! Pick a number of items they need to sell to be invited to the 'Kiss a Pig' event and have your principal kiss a pig.

Pie In The Face

Who wants a...piece in the face?! If your sellers sell a certain number of items, let them throw a pie in your face!

Classroom Pizza Party

Everyone loves pizza! Motivate your students to sell by offering a pizza party to the top selling class!

Principal For The Day

The top seller calls the shots! Let your hardest worker play principal for the day, they greet students, do morning announcements and visit classroom!

Shave Heads

Dare to be brave! Your sellers will sell more if you promise to shave your head, we promise! Set a goal, offer this promo, raise lots of money.

Silly String Your Principal

Get your sellers to turn in the coupons found on their parent letter and the principal gets covered!

Slime The Principal

The principal gets slimed and all of the sellers work their hardest, win-win!

Throw a Waterballoon

Encourage sellers to sell a set number of items to qualify! Then take video & photos!