Need inspiration, ideas, and tips related to school fundraisers? Look no further! Believe Kids has over 20+ years in the fundraising business and has helped over 5,000 schools, groups and clubs raise the funds they need. Take a look at some of our recent blog posts below where we share some of our favorite school fundraising ideas, tips and tricks! 

A Popular Choice for an Easy School Fundraiser - Yummm Popcorn

A popcorn fundraiser is a fantastic idea - it basically sells itself! Popcorn has withstood the fundraising “test of time” and with our 10 flavors, it can’t be beat.

What’s Poppin’

● All bags are 1/2 Gallon Resealable for freshness!

● 10 unique and delicious flavors - from our new Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn and Snickerdoodle Cinnamon Toast to the classics Kettle Corn or White Cheddar.

● Locally made in our home state of Colorado!

● We only use premium ingredients - like sweet cream butter, non-gmo popping corn, and pure coconut oil. Plus ZERO (that’s right, zero) trans fat.

● Get up to 40% profit for your school or group!

● Bonus - our brochure also includes popular nut snacks like a spicy Cajun Mix and our sweet and salty Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle.

● Comes with a kick off kit, a mobile friendly online shopping option, and the full support of our highly-rated customer service team.


A-maize-ing When Paired With:

Pair this brochure with another fundraiser and maximize your profits!

Food for the Soul: This hand-picked brochure has a wide variety of 60 sweet and savory items that will give your group that added value and choice to their fundraiser.

Jelly Belly: This brochure contains 15 Jelly Belly items - most under $10. This catalog has name brands flavors like Snapple, Cold Stone, Sunkist and Krispy Kreme too!

Sweet and Savory: Our Sweet & Savory program is a creative combination of all of our best-selling items, like your favorite frozen foods, convenient dry mixes, delicious chocolates and more!

Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough: A fundraising classic, Otis Spunkmeyer pre-portioned cookie dough fundraisers work so well because the product is easily understood and in demand. No scooping, no mess and no running to the neighbors for a cup of sugar!

Otis Spunkmeyer Combo: This brochure combines delicious frozen pizzas, pretzels, cookie dough, muffins and much more - all featuring the household name of Otis Spunkmeyer.

Minis: The original Classic Cookie recipe in bite-sized cookies! This catalog fundraiser is a great option for selling cookies with no-up front cost.

Ready to get poppin’? (We promise that’s the last corn-y pun). Request an info kit today!