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Chocolate Bar Fundraisers Helping Teachers

Did you know? American public school teachers spend approximately $3 Billion out of pocket per year on school supplies.

Unfortunately the harsh reality is that committed and passionate teachers feel forced to spend their own hard earned money to make sure their students needs are met in the classroom. We love our teachers and want to lend a helping hand. We've got a solution that we think is pretty easy to implement and will have amazing results:

If each student in a 25 student class sells one box of Believe Cruz chocolate bars, the class raises $600 for class needs which far exceeds the average $480 a year teachers are spending out of pocket. Each Believe Cruz box contains 60 bars of chocolate that sell for $1 a piece! We'll give you a hint...all you have to do as a parent is set the box out at work and we promise it will be gone in no time!

If you're interested in getting these chocolate bars, so you or someone you know doesn't have to spend their own money on little ones in school, click to our Chocolate Bar Fundraising page to learn more. Remember, as long as you get it approved on your end, we have no problem working with just one class if the whole school doesn't want to participate.