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Why You Should Be Running a Fall Catalog Fundraiser

Catalog fundraisers are a fundraising tradition and if you aren’t planning to run one, you should be! Here’s why:

Timing is Everything

Our Fall catalog fundraiser is timed to hit the sweet spot of selling - we recommend you start planning in the summer and run them in early to mid-September. Running it at the beginning of the school year means you’ll have less fundraisers to compete with allowing yours to take center stage and generate a lot of support and interest. Sales drop after this time period, so this is definitely a case of ‘the early bird gets the worm’!

We have been in the fundraising business for over 20 years so trust us when we say - the earlier, the better! Read even more about timing your fundraiser HERE.

Bring Home the Profits

Not to brag, but our Fall catalog has been known to produce profits between $5,000 to even $100,000! Your supporters get 16 product categories to shop from, ranging from festive holiday items like wrapping paper, to fun kitchen gadgets and home decor. 47% of our items are under $10 and you don’t need to worry about the quality - we only put products in the catalog that we would want ourselves. Make sure to check out our Cost Comparison booklet to compare our prices to those of some popular retailers!

We also offer online shopping to help maximize your profits - that way out of state friends and family can get in on the fundraising action too.

Never Been Easier

Our Fall catalog fundraisers run for 2 weeks and are super easy- you won’t need a lot of time or extra volunteers. We provide you with a kick off kit and marketing materials, plus you’ll have a fantastic sales rep to guide you through the process.

We also make processing orders easy! No need for you or volunteers to spend hours on top of hours processing or inputting orders. Just count the money submitted with each order and submit to Believe Kids for simple processing! On average, we save schools and groups dozens of volunteer hours of processing, counting, and double-checking. PLUS when your orders do come in, they are packed per student, per teacher - for FREE! Handing out fundraising orders has never been so easy.


Q: What group size is best?
A: The great thing about our Fall catalog is that it really works for any size group!

Q: When people shop online, is there a ship to home option?
A: Yes! We even had free shipping over $75.

Q: What is the upfront cost?
A: Great news – there is none!

Interested? Flip through our Fall Catalog online and then request an info kit!