Need inspiration, ideas, and tips related to school fundraisers? Look no further! Believe Kids has over 20+ years in the fundraising business and has helped over 5,000 schools, groups and clubs raise the funds they need. Take a look at some of our recent blog posts below where we share some of our favorite school fundraising ideas, tips and tricks! 

Traditional, Virtual or Touchless Fundraiser?

We know that all of our loyal customers need and rely on fundraising. That's why we are dedicated now more than ever to help you raise the funds you need. We are in this together and want to reassure you that we have the ability to be flexible and to accommodate your needs all while keeping parents, students and staff safe.

We have an option for every situation!


Traditional sales have proven themselves to raise the most money for our schools and groups! Students take home a packet, sell from their catalog and online and delivery happens at the school!


Hybrid sales are flexible giving you control over how your sale is run! We've learned that having a packet in hand increases sales, and we've got the online tools to support the rest of the process! No order form collecting, no money counting, and you get to decide if you want to offer a delivery at the school! Virtual fundraising is here to stay and our virtual fundraisers can even outperform traditional fundraisers.


Touchless sales give you the ability to run a fundraiser and make money even if your group isn't able to meet. We communicate all fundraiser info via email and use our tech-savvy Seller and Sponsor Dashboards to communicate sale information 24/7. We've even made your catalog shoppable online. Orders ship directly to customer's homes.

Request an info kit to get started!