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Text-to-Pay: Easiest way for supporters to pay

Who carries cash or check these days?! Ok, so maybe a few of us. But when your niece calls to ask you to help support her fundraiser or your co-worker shows up with a catalog, wouldn’t you prefer to pay with a credit card? We are betting that the answer is yes! We’ve implemented a convenient process to help customers pay with a card.

Pay with Credit or Debit

How it works

We have placed this call out on every Believe Kids catalog and brochure!

This call out tells your customers how to start the process. Once they text PAY to 555888 they will receive a custom auto response with a link to complete their transaction

P.S. The text-to-pay information is also clearly noted on the paper order forms!

Text to Pay iPhone

What does it look like?

The entire process is completed by mobile phone!

Once the supporter clicks the link they will be automatically taken to the ShopBelieve.com website. (That’s right, no third party websites or apps to be worried about!)

The customer will specify the student they are supporting and will be asked to enter their ORDER TOTAL $ amount and then will fill out their credit card information. They receive an automated order receipt email.

PLUS, the parent account associated with the seller will also get an email when someone supports their student!

Text-to-Pay Benefits

• PREFERENCE: Supporters prefer paying with their phone/mobile devices.

• REPORTS: Daily and final reports by student and supporter provided to group.

• SECURITY: ShopBelieve.com has 256-bit encryption with GoDaddy, Authorize.Net & Chase.

• NO LIABILITY: Students handle less cash & don’t swipe/key-in/take pictures of customer’s cards.

• EASY PEASY: If a student can ask someone to text PAY to 555888, they can accept payments.

• NO ORGANIZATION/STUDENT CODE NECESSARY: No unique code to remember or lookup.

Trends and Adoption

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