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Technology Can Make or Break Your Fundraiser

Believe Kids not only has an incredible assortment of fundraisers to offer, but also allows for the ability to share your sales and track progress with an online fundraiser. In our world, the technological piece of (almost) everything that we do is paramount in our efforts. This includes fundraising! Our volunteers are often very busy people. We want to do everything we can to help you in all parts of your fundraising while ensuring it is easy and fun!  


Online fundraisers are some of the easiest, most profitable fundraisers! All you have to do is register, shop and share  ! It is simple, user-friendly, and makes it easy to share the fundraiser with others. As I often say, “Of course we want people connected to the organization to shop and support, but we know the sales really explode when people connected to the organization share with their communities!” This can include family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, community members, and even strangers .  The sharing of the fundraiser needs to be simple and intuitive. Believe Kids does just this and more!


With this technology you can see the fundraiser’s success throughout the process. This helps you to ensure we are on the right track to reaching all your goals. We can also see where more effort needs to be made. The Believe Kids portal and reporting is robust and easy! We are your fundraising cheerleaders, always ready to get you any slice of information you’re after, while you also have the power to see the real-time success story. What could be easier than that?!


The excitement doesn’t end there!  Once the sale is complete - the summary of the fundraiser that is provided is remarkable. You can compare the fundraiser to last year, forecast for next fundraiser, look for areas for improvement – all of the information you could ever need is right there for you. 


Let’s get you on board and you’ll quickly see the technological edge that Believe Kids fundraising provides. We can’t wait to share it all with you and to help you run a high profit fundraiser!  Let’s Go!


-Jackie Vogel

Believe Kids Representative