Need inspiration, ideas, and tips related to school fundraisers? Look no further! Believe Kids has over 20+ years in the fundraising business and has helped over 5,000 schools, groups and clubs raise the funds they need. Take a look at some of our recent blog posts below where we share some of our favorite school fundraising ideas, tips and tricks! 

Five Tips for a Successful Fundraiser


Plan Early

Start thinking about your next fundraiser early. The sooner you get started planning the better. For fall fundraisers, start planning in the summer and start them before mid-September. For spring fundraisers, start planning at the beginning of the year right after winter break.


Set Clear Goals

Let everyone know where the money is going and how much you need. When parents and students have a cause they can get behind you will be more successful!


Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Promote your fundraiser every day in school. Announce your fundraiser on your school's web site, facebook page, and other social media. Include the fundraiser information in your e-mailed newsletter to the parents. If you have the ability, send a text message to your parents, or have the principal send out an e-mail.


Motivate Your Sellers

Use daily incentives, prizes, or events to keep your students motivated! Run classroom contests and school-wide contests for special items. Think outside the box on this and have fun with it. Get a party bus, game truck, or have the principal taxi a student in his chair from classroom to classroom. The sky's the limit!


Promote Online Sales

Try to push your parents to use the shopping website for the fundraiser. That gives the parents options to send out links to their family and friends through e-mail, text messaging, and social media. The supporters can purchase with credit cards and they can get the product delivered right to their house. That means fewer items to distribute on delivery day!

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