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Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

School fundraisers can be some of the most profitable fundraisers. They can earn a tremendous amount of money for so many different needs, but how do you get your students & parents to participate?  How do you get the kids and parents excited to help? PROMOTION, PROMOTION, PROMOTION. Keep reading for some of the best school fundraising ideas!

1. It starts at school! 

Get the kids excited with a KICKOFF! You have the choice of doing a live kickoff or a video kickoff.  Put up Prize Posters around the school so the kids can see all the prizes they can earn daily.  It’s cool to see them gathered around the posters sharing the prize they want to win!

2. Collectibles

Daily collectibles can increase your sales by over 23%, especially in the elementary school market.  YES, BY THAT MUCH!  The students bring their coupons to school daily to receive a cool collectibles that they can trade or keep. When the students are getting these on a daily basis, the other students want to participate as well. It is a visual promotion that gets some fast traction, which boosts your fundraising sales!

3. Teacher involvement

Teachers are the KEY to your sale at school. They are your biggest cheerleaders and have daily access to the students.

a. Reward your teachers: Give your teachers who hit a certain % of participation in the classroom a reward. Products from the catalog you are selling from, local restaurant gift cards, a classroom party (pizza, donuts, popsicles), or a set amount of money for classroom needs.  $100, $200, $300 etc. 

b. Announce the classroom who has the most online sales every day and the student who has the most online fundraising sales. This will get some healthy competition going among teachers and students. 

4. Principal involvement

Kids love their principals (well most do ). Get your principal to do something wild and crazy with the kids. This is where you get to implement some of your fun fundraising ideas to ensure you keep the students and staff engaged and entertained. You could turn him/her into a human ice cream cone, hot dog or throw water balloons at them!

5. Think outside the box

If the school reaches certain goals as they go, do some fun promotions. For example, if the school hits $5,000 the kids get a Rockin’ Recess. This could be $100  of candy thrown off the roof at recess or any other wild thing you can think of to promote the sale and keep the children excited about the fundraiser. Keep the fun going!

6. Parent involvement: 

Who is the top seller in the elementary school? It is the parent! COMMUNICATION IS KEY! 

a. Email: Send home a fun email to get parents to register and share the online component with at least 10 friends for family members!  Make sure you use many forms of communication during your sale with updates and other fun contests. 

b. Robo Calls: Robo calls are fantastic to get information and updates to your parents. Keeping them updated about the progress of the fundraiser and your needs throughout it is so important!

c. Registration promotion: The key to online sales is registration and sharing with friends and family nationwide. Students who register and share a certain amount of times in the first 24 or 48 hours will get something or be put into a drawing for something fun.

d. Family incentive: The top selling family gets a cool prize at the end of the fundraiser!

-Leslie Montana

Believe Kids Representative