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The New Normal: Online Fundraising and How We Are Doing It

The upcoming school year brings with it a lot of uncertainty and that’s why we have been hard at work developing a new way to fundraise. We don’t think you need to choose between an all online or the more traditional way of running a fundraiser which is why we created a hybrid fundraising model! We’ve combined the best parts of fundraisers you know with powerful technological tools to make a flexible fundraiser to fit your needs.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick the fundraiser you’d like to run and decide on dates.
  2. Hold a virtual or in-person kick-off depending on your situation. Use this as an opportunity to get kids excited!
  3. Register, share, shop. Students can register online to share your fundraiser with supporters from the online dashboard. Using our dashboard, students also have a chance to win from $100,000 in additional prize giveaways. Supporters can shop from over 500+ products and can even choose to ship their purchases right to their homes.
  4. Don't forget the prizes and incentives! These increase participation by 25+%
  5. Get your product. Orders come pre-packed per student and you can even set up a drive-though pickup station for limited contact!
As always, our reps are available to help and answer any questions you may have. Schools will need fundraising now more than ever, and we are confident that no matter the situation, we have the ability to be flexible to accommodate your needs. 

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