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Build an Excellent Incentive Program

Rewarding participants for a job well done is a good life lesson. Work hard, earn rewards and help your school earn the funds they need. Effective rewards can be prizes, events, and recognition.

The first reward should be easily attainable.  This could look like giving out a small prize when a participant makes their first sale or entry into a drawing for a larger prize for every email sent out.  This encourages everyone to participate.

Reward Parties are a great reward to encourage participants to work a little harder for their school.  Kids are excited about the party and parents want their child to be included. A party is a good second level prize. Getting out of class to attend is a reward in and of itself. 

Some fun reward parties you can throw are a pizza party, Chick-fil-A served at lunch, an extra-long lunch period or a more extravagant event with snacks and music or popcorn and a movie.  Simple reward parties can be just as effective as more extravagant parties, so no pressure. Just have fun!

The party can also include additional rewards for participants who go the extra mile and raise even more money for their cause. For example:

Cash Wheel – reward students with a spin of the wheel to win cash and/or prizes.  Additional spins can be given for reaching higher sales amounts. 

Plinko Game – Reward Students with a turn at the Plinko Board to win cash and prizes.

Deal or No Deal – Top Sellers play the Deal or No Deal Game.

Money Booth – Students can earn a turn in the money booth by reaching a sales goal. Higher sales earn longer turns in the booth.

A few other ways to reward sellers are cash prizes (first place $100, Second place $75 and third place $50), drawings (which are an excellent way to keep everyone in the running for a large prize), privileges like extra recess and first in line at lunch (which are free to you), and recognizing top selling students by announcing the accomplishments on the morning news show or taking their picture and posting it in the hall. 

Good luck in planning your high profit fundraiser with an excellent incentive program!

-Jane Norton

Believe Kids Representative