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4 Colors Trends for 2017

4 Colors Trends for 2017

Sherwin Williams Unbounded Color Palette

Thanks to Sherwin Williams’ Sue Wadden, we’re exploring the recent release of the 2017 Color Forecast! We’re excited to share just one small component of the kind of research that goes into the making of a Believe Kids catalog! It’s important to our team to be trend forward to give the schools we work with the best shot at awesome product sell through! Take a peek and let us know what you think.

Over the past year, we’ve made a serious effort to bring a fresh new look to the Believe Kids fundraisers. For the most, that means updating our catalog photography, including unique new products and incorporating hip new color trends. Our sales reps are really an integral part of making sure we’re catering to our customers’ needs and wants! So we wanted to take the time to thank anyone and everyone who has spent the time to submit their suggestions, we appreciate you!

2017 Spring Catalog Cover

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the color palettes! What we love about all of the 2017 Color Trends from Sherwin Williams is how bright and colorful they are. “Unbounded” is such a great combination of rich tones and vibrant colors. We think it’s a great representation of Spring. With the recent release of our Spring Catalog, we’re so excited to see that our cover is right in line with 2017 trends!

Sherwin Williams Noir Color Palette

Our second favorite, “Noir” is a perfect embodiment of what to expect out of our Fall catalog. We love the deep and powerful slate blue color that we’ve seen from Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn. It’s such a beautiful way to represent Fall without defaulting to the typical reds, oranges, yellows and browns that we usually see.

We can’t wait to explore more 2017 trends so that we can continue to improve the look and feel of our catalog! To take a peek at the rest of the Spring Catalog and see the new photography click here:

Sneak Peak the Spring Catalog