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These days, it's not enough to tell people you're good - You have to prove it!

We would like to invite you to find out more about Believe Kids school fundraisers as we prove our successes through a series of short testimonials.  These are from real schools, real PTA's and PTO's - real people just like you who discovered for themselves why a Believe school fundraiser can change the way they think about fundraising:

"This fundraiser was the most profitable, easy and fun fundraiser that I have ever run, and we will definitely continue the relationship with your company!"

-Candace C****u
French Prairie Middle School
Fundraising Coordinator

"You are the best, thank you for making this so hassle free! I Can't wait for the Spring!"

-Ebonee P******e
Bedford Elementary School PTA

"After being the fundraising coordinator for over 5 years, its great to have someone finally make this simple!"

-Dee F******g
Barnstead Elementary School
Fundraising Coordinator

We've got more where that came from and we have references in your state!  When you are ready, just request a free fundraising info kit and we'll expedite delivery to you via UPS.

"We think you are awesome at Believe! You made everything so easy for us."

-Jill K****r
Osborn Elementary School PTA

"Thanks again for such wonderful support! Your company really is one of the best I have worked with. The company I worked with last year was a nightmare"

-Melissa B***n
Heritage Oak Elementary School PTA

"I thank you and your team at Believe for the GREAT Customer Service. You and the other ladies have been there for me through the whole thing!"

-Wendy B****n
Astatula Elementary School PTO

Elementary school fundraising is the only thing we do and we do it incredibly well!  Believe Kids is different because when PTA or PTO members partner with Believe, they succeed using just a few tools.  These tools are provided free with every fundraiser and are easy to implement.  This means that schools can meet or exceed their school fundraiser goals without adding work to their already busy schedules!

When you are ready, just request a free fundraising info kit and we'll expedite delivery to you via UPS.


Chase dreams and crush goals!  Believe can help get you there.

Here is a victory you should know about because it could be yours...

Dear Believe Kids,


I just wanted to let you know how glad I am that our school's PTA group at Jenks West Elementary is back with Believe Kids again!  The customer service we get is 2nd to none!  I've worked with several fundraiser companies through my years of volunteering and I think that Believe Kids is the best.

Our school's PTA group used Believe Kids for 2 years and had increased sales both years.  The 3rd year, our fundraiser chair decided to go with a local company.  Our sales dropped 30%! We were so disappointed.  This year, we've gone back to Believe Kids and our sales have gone back up not only the 30%, but almost 10% on top of that.  We are thrilled!

Angel Gutierrez has been our sales rep for all 3 of the years.  His professional manner and great customer service is the best.  When we decided to go with another company, I called Angel to let him know.  He handled it so professionally and said they would try again next year to get our business.  Well, they sure did and we're glad!

With all the negativity and terrible customer service in our world today, I just wanted to commend a company that is getting it right.



Angela T****r
J**ks West Elementary PTAG


Here you see that an organized large school can raise over 96K in just two weeks with a Believe Fundraiser!  If you think that's a bit unrealistic for your school, here a small school lets us know how we exceeded her expectations in a different way...

To whom it may concern,


When I first contacted Believe Kids about fundraising opportunities, I was blown away with the level of customer service that you provided for me.

You took your time answering all of my questions and didn't laugh at me when I set our fundraising goal at $3000.

Each time that you called, I was so excited to share how our school was doing and you were excited with us. When we reached $4500 in profits, I was thrilled beyond belief and then for us to finish over $8000, it blew my socks off!


Jennifer S*****p
Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning


As you can see, we can achieve goals both big and small by working together!

You're busy!  Believe Kids can offer you an opportunity to get all the worry about fundraising out of the way so you can enjoy other things.  

When you are ready, feel free to request a fundraising info kit and we'll expedite delivery to you via UPS.


Here at Believe Kids, we know we're a different kind of company.

This short video will show you just how different. Enjoy!

We've posted a number of additional school fundraising videos for your review at our YouTube channel.


You should expect more from your fundraisers and school fundraising company and you want your school fundraiser to be easy and effective.  Entire school districts, large elementary schools and groups everywhere deserve to know what to expect and how to succeed.  

The following short videos will give you a better idea how we help you reach your fundraising goals:

We've posted a number of additional school fundraising videos for your review at our YouTube channel.


Let's work together to educate and inform! If you're ready to improve your fundraising, get new insight and amaze yourself, so are we!

Get started with a few recent school fundraising articles...

You can follow these and other articles directly at The Fundraising PLN or get insight from Vice President Jay Moneta on his Elementary School Fundraising Blog.

We can't wait for you to find out more about Believe and how we can work together with you to exceed your goals!


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