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Customer Proof
  • ""You are so amazingly wonderful to work with – I hope you realize that most companies are not this great! You make our life so much easier!!!""
    Tami D*****s
    Elementary, AK
  • ""I have already signed a contract to work with Believe for the school year 2010 and 2011. I highly recommend the Believe to anyone else, their product and customer support are great! I know that if you choose to use Believe, you will be very happy with them.""
    Mary M******z
    Elementary, TX
  • "I have never had so much support from a fundraiser person before - I feel spoiled! You have been really great to work with and I know I made the right decision to use Believe Kids! Michelle"
    Michelle W****y
    Elementary School, GA
  • "I love the way the items are all nicely packaged and labeled, we are definitely very pleased. We are also very happy with our share of the sales!!! The sales report was extremely helpful and a very pleasant surprise. It will help us a great deal to promote Believe Kids at our general parent meetings. We are looking forward to next year and hope to make it bigger and better."
    Christiaan Z******o
    Elementary School, WA
  • "Just wanted you to know that I made some small changes to (our gear drive flyer) online – and by the way, that was really fun! It is complete and ready to go."
    Andrea W*****r
    K-8, OK
  • "We have practically doubled our sales over last years. We came up with a few extra student contest’s which seem to have generated excitement and extra sales. The Limo/JumpStreet event went over VERY well – we ended up spending $400 out of our pockets to fund the event and we have another event tomorrow as a reward (the principal challenge) for the kids who sold over 10 items each – this event is costing us approximately $100. I know it takes money to make money! We’ve done a lot of work to make this fundraiser one of the most successful to date! Thanks, Gayle"
    Gayle H****n
    Elementary School, CO
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