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  • "Ms. Amy was answering the phones today at Believe. To make a long story short, today, Friday, at 4:58 P. M. she took my call . . . we were trying to find an already existing account in Reno, so that another cheerleader group could join with them. She could have told me to wait till Monday, BUT, she told me to call back, after I got more information from the potential sponsor, so that we could find the account, and then she gave me her extension because the phones would be shut off! Bottom line, she found the group, we added what we needed so we could increase the group size . . . no questions asked!!!!! Please let her know JUST HOW GOOD SHE IS . . . thanks for all you do for ALL OF US, including having the BEST FOLKS EVER IN THE HOME OFFICE!!!"
    Steve C****r
  • "We are so thrilled that our kids did such a great job with the Believe Kids fundraiser this fall."
    Leslie L***s
    Elementary School, CO
  • ""I have to say that the Believe fundraiser has really worked well for us. My school is a Title I school with a lot of low income families, but they always seem to be able to sell from the Believe catalog!! With the school system on such a tight budget, Ive really come to rely on the profits raised from this fundraiser for all our music equipment! ""
    Vicki E****y
    Elementary, MD
  • "We REALLY tried hard to get our sales because we are a small school and we are a military school so people are ALWAYS coming and going. I Posted on our PTO Facebook page about our fundraiser EVERYDAY and we had a family night for our book fair a few days in and we told every person who bought a book about the fundraiser and that they could buy stuff online and to tell their family who lives far away to buy stuff online. We also did Morning announcements every day; we posted it on our PTO board. We also had WONDERFUL staff support. The teachers wore the necklace‚Äôs and when the kids asked how to get it they told them the office staff wore them, it was a whole team effort. We told everyone we came across. We had PTO monthly meetings and announced it then as well. I think just constantly spreading the word every time we had the chance reached a lot of people and it proved that in our sales. We may be small pre-K to 2nd but we sold A LOT we came together and did it for the KIDS!!! With the money we raised we are now able to have a assembly we wanted and thats what counts. I am looking forward to the next one in February! Thank you Believe Kids."
    Keri C***s
    Elementary School, NC
  • "I am definitely pleased! Even though we have less students this year, our sales increased and amount of students participating increased as well!"
    Tiffany L****m
    Elementary School, TX
  • "I finally have had a chance to look at your materials. I am very impressed at the variety and the quality of what your company has to offer. I will now meet with the other two teachers who sponser the honor society with me. I also plan to show your materials to the student council, the band director, and possibly the yearbook sponser. They have all expressed an interest in looking for fundraisers before the end of the year too."
    Daniel H***l
    Middle, KS
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